Offer On Demand & Live Virtual Consults With Our All in One Platform

Add Your Virtual Consult to your website and start generating more cases right away. In a culture built on convince meet patients online 24/7. Our all-in-one platform makes it easy for you to build powerful campaigns to get more of the patients you want to see. From cosmetic and emergency, to pediatric and ortho you'll start seeing more high production leads overnight!

How it Works

Virtual Smile Consults in 3 easy steps

We Connect Prospective New Patients with Dentists for Easy Virtual Consults in 3 Steps.

take a photo

patients use a done for you landing page to take guided photos of their smile for you to review

Tell Your Story

Patients can use our quick select form to provide detailed information about cosmetic and emergency cases.

Get a video

Dentist can use the platforms built in consult wizard to reply on their own time frame a generate a powerful microsite for patients to review.

Your Virtual Consult ISN'T a replacement for In Office Exams

Of course we don’t expect you to do dentistry virtually. The point of Your Virtual Consult is to start more conversations that get patients scheduled and in your office. Our platform helps connect you to your patients and get an edge over other dental practices by offering a more convenient way to start the conversation about delicate cases. We reduce no-show consultations and help your dental office win more of the quality cases you want.

So What Do You Get?

Smile Virtual Consults are the Future!
We've built a simple platform to help make it easy.

Customized Microsite

We generate a branded microsite where patients can learn about you, upload photos of their smile, and share what they'd like to change.

CMS - Lead Management System

Leads are emailed directly to you. Our internal CRM makes it easy to manage leads and respond via video or text with the click of a button.

Easy VIDEO Consults

Our platform takes the hassle out of video consults. All you need is your laptop with a webcam. Click start, record, click stop, and send — all within the platform. No live video consults.

Ready to Change your Practice and Start Standing out From The Crowd?

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I have already heard back about the internship I applied through Ukit, that's the fastest job reply I've ever gotten and it's so much better!
Geovanny DuBuque

Important Features

Manage Leads (CMS)

Our easy to use dashboard lets you organize leads, customize your microsite, and lets you create video consults in one click.

Customized Microsite

We generate a microsite that makes it easy for leads to send you a photo of their smile and request a consult. You can add your logo, a photo of the dentist, a bio, and featured reviews.

Easy Video Recording

Our platform makes it easy for you to record a video consult.  Consults aren't live so you can record, and re-record consults when its convient for you.

Email alerts

Our prompt email alerts let you know while you have a new lead and make responding easy by providing convenient next steps.

Upload Casework

Sharing before and after photos is key to improving case acceptance. We make it easy to add relevant casework to your consultation so patients feel confident about results.

Lead generating Marketing

Ready to do Virtual consults but not sure how to get the word out and attract new leads? We have over 6 years of experience marketing for dentists. Add a marketing package to boost results.

Impressed yet? Let’s get started!

Get Started

Need to boost your marketing?

Check out our marketing add-ons

Your Virtual Consult was born out of Wonderist Agency, a marketing agency for dentist with 6 years of experience building targeted marketing campaigns to attract new patients. That same team will build you a Google Add Booster camping along with a Social Ad Booster Campaign to reach prospective new patients and be one of the first in your market with this exciting new technology.

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Frequently asked questions

How am I supposed to provide a treatment plan from A few photos?

You’re not. First and foremost, this is a lead generator for your practice. We fully expect you to give your professional opinion based on the photos and details patients provide. But you should conclude your follow-up by encouraging them to come into your office to confirm the diagnosis.

Is this HIPAA compliant?

Absolutely! We sign an electronic BAA with you and our platform is built to be HIPPA compliant.

How do I record video?

It’s easy. Grab your laptop or take a seat in front of your desktop computer. As long as you have a webcam, you’ll be able to record. The platform makes it easy to record and send your response within the platform. And you can record as many times as you want to make sure your response is perfect before you send.

How do potential patients find me on Your Virtual Consult?

We generate a personalized microsite that you can use to promote Your Virtual Consult by linking it to your website, social media, email campaigns, and other ads. If you are feeling a bit lost, we also offer add-on packages  to boost your leads through fully managed Google ads and social ad campaigns.

How is my microsite generated?

We’ve built super cool technology that’s made to be easy to use. Just plug in your info and we spin up a fully branded and personalized landing page.

What do I do if the patient needs something I don’t offer?

Your landing page will list your services, so you should only get leads that are appropriate for you and your practice. Just make sure your landing page is accurate and up-to-date.

So how much does it cost?

We are happy to say, that there are no contracts. Just a our monthly fee and you’re in business.

Is This A Live Video Consult?

No. We make it easy for you to record a video on your timeframe and send it back to the patient to review. You can make multiple takes of a video to find the best response!


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